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Troupe Renewal

All information on this page is imperative to complete. Troupes must be updated in order participate in Arkansas State Thespian Festival. 


Contact: Abby Curry at

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Troupe Renewal

  • Update your troupe profile 

  • Make sure troupe director info is up-to-date

  • Check your payment status and note the new payment remittance address that was changed last year.
    Annual troupe dues are due October 15. Renew now! You can find the invoice under “My Orders.” 

  • After November 15, troupes will go inactive and must pay a $100 reinstatement fee

  • Review your roster and alumni lists for errors.

  • Update your personal profile.

New Directors and Troupes

  • If this is your first year as troupe director at your current school, be sure to submit a change of troupe director form. Questions? Review the guidance in the troupe handbook or contact or
    (513) 421-3900, ext. 1.

  • Don't have a troupe yet? There's no better time to set one up than at the start of the school year!

    • There is a one time $100 activation fee, $129 for yearly dues, and induction fees - $35 per student (grades 9-12) or $17 per student (grades 6-8). 

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