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Core Values

People Matter

  • Every individual has the opportunity to make a difference.

  • Take care of yourself and your colleagues.

  • Cultivate each person’s skills, strengths, and talents.

  • Be respectful, considerate, and honest with each other.

Strive for Excellence

  • Define success.

  • Be open to and embrace positive change.

  • Look outside the walls of EdTA. Learn and document new ways to do things better.

  • Take risks – turn both successes and failures into lessons learned.

Work Together

  • The best ideas, performance, and results come through collaboration.

  • Focus on the objective and challenge ideas, not people.

  • Be Kind, assertive, and supportive, even when there is disagreement.

  • Support the final decision.

Be the Person You

Want to Work With

  • Celebrate individuality and honor diversity.

  • Engage fully.

  • Bring joy and optimism to your work.

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