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One Act Festival

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  • Online Registration begins Monday, August 29, 2022.

  • There are two steps to the registration.

       1. You must register your one-act on the One-Act Event Registration Form. 

Deadline is midnight October 14,2022.  The link to the Open Water One-Act Registration Form is located above.

       2. You must register your one-act on the One-Act Submission Form (this asks for cast, crew, student director,
            etc.).  Deadline is November 9, 2022.  If you need to make any additions or deletions to your cast or crew
            you can access this form until the deadline date of November 9, 2022.  The link to the Open Water One-Act
            Submission Form
is located above.

  • On Site Festivals - November 10-12, 2022, at Searcy High School and November 17-19, 2022, at Springdale Har-Ber High School.  

  • Each troupe must complete the principal approval form (located above) and submit it to the Open Water Registration Form.

  • Each troupe must submit the proof of licensing and proof of royalty payment to the Open Water Registration Form.

  • The registration/entry fee for a one act is $100.00. You will use the Open Water platform to pay your registration fee or to upload a copy of your purchase order.

  • A link to the judges evaluation ballot is above for you to view the criteria.

  • Please refer to the Dimensions of Stage/Tech for One-Act below to learn about the physical facility of each host school.  Also, other than the basic Light Board, Follow Spot and Sound Board with one offstage mic, nothing additional will be provided by the host school.  Everything; props, costumes, set and additional technical equipment must be provided by the performing school.

  • Please read the One-Act Festival section of the Festival Handbook for additional information.  

  • For questions please call or email Warren Rosenaur 479-422-0308 or

One Act Festival
Stage Specs

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