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2023/2024 Arkansas State Thespian Officers


Maggie Martin, STO Chair
Searcy High School, 
Troupe 340

Favorite Musical: Little Shop of Horrors 

Favorite Play: Peter and the Starcatcher

Dream Role: Janis from Mean Girls

Hobbies Outside of Theatre: Laying outside reading or journaling, watching silly romcoms, and finding new music!

Advice for people wanting to apply to be STO: Don’t be afraid to ask questions or for criticism. The feedback will help you, especially for making a strong platform. And ask anyone about it! I had my friends, teachers, and even some adult tell me what good and what could be improved upon.

Advice for Festival: TALK TO EVERYONE! This is a perfect time to find new friends and create connections! Thespian Festival is full of fun and interesting people, and meeting them is the best part.

Ginny Ziegler-Secretary

Southside High School, Troupe 2620

Favorite Musical: Les Miserables or The Sound Of Music

Favorite Play: Our Town 

Dream Role: Marc Antony in Julius Caesar but just the major monologue 

Hobbies Outside of Theatre: painting, reading, playing video games with my family, going to the movies, and (recently) crocheting!

Advice for people wanting to apply to be STO: Be kind, be authentic, and be prepared to put in time and effort

Advice for Festival: Go in with a positive attitude, any trip is only as good as you make it, and GET ENOUGH SLEEP


Katie Brown-Fundraising Chair

Lakeside High School, Troupe 2123 

Favorite Musical: Beetlejuice the Musical

Favorite Play: Little Women

Dream Role: Jo from Little Women

Hobbies Outside of Theatre: Reading romance books, listening to Taylor Swift, playing guitar, and petting my cat. 

Advice for people wanting to apply to be STO: Be yourself! It’s hard to get caught up in all of the application material and platform, but remember to show everyone who you really are!

Advice for Festival: Be respectful of other students and have fun! Festival is an amazing opportunity to meet other Thespians and relate on a different level. Get out of your comfort zone and take advantage of the experience! Also, don’t forget an all-black outfit (very important).

Sarah Goodman-Media Chair

Community School of the Arts, Troupe 10124

Favorite Musicals: Parade & West Side Story

Favorite Play: Little Women

Dream Role: Miss Honey

Hobbies Outside of Theatre: Filmmaking, running, working out, and thrifting!

Advice for people wanting to apply to be STO: Know your plan! Ask yourself, why do I want to be an STO and what do I want to accomplish? Set goals for yourself and come up with a specific plan! Find something specific you want to advocate for, and be PASSIONATE about it! 

Advice for Festival: Make connections! Once a year, Arkansas Thespians are invited to join TOGETHER! Thespians from all over the state gather into one location— take advantage of that! Get to know each other and build relationships! Learn about your local troupes, share advice, and help each other! Connectivity is how we’re growing Arkansas theatre programs!

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Alise Whitfield-Advocacy Chair

Fayetteville High School, Troupe 717

Favorite Musical: Shrek the Musical

Favorite Play: Anything By August Wilson

Dream Role: Sebastian from Little Mermaid

Hobbies Outside of Theatre: watching movies, walking my friends dog, eating Honey Bunches of Oats

Advice for people wanting to apply to be STO: BE GENUINE. Don’t doll yourself or your application to impress anyone. If you are confident and passionate of who you are and what you’re advocating for, you will shine!!

Advice for Festival: DO EVERYTHING! You have the opportunity to do workshops ranging from jazz dance to sword fighting, where else can you do that? So have fun and make it worth your while!!

Taylor Buckholz-Candidate Chair

Russellville High School, Troupe 7260

Favorite Musical: Anastasia 

Favorite Play: The Glass Menagerie 

Dream Role: Millie Dillmount in thoroughly modern millie

Hobbies Outside of Theatre: Dancing, Singing, Painting, Reading, Hiking, Biking, Traveling, Playing piano and just loving on my cats! 

Advice for people wanting to apply to be STO: Just work hard and advocate for something you’re truly passionate about and to spread your love for theatre everywhere you can!

Advice for Festival: HAVE FUN! Go to every workshop you can and just be yourself! Use the opportunity wisely there’s so much to learn at festival so take it ALL in while you can!!

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