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Arkansas EdTA Official Documents             
Arkansas EdTA Standard Operating Procedures
State Board Members and Festival Coordinators
Troupe Directory
Expense Report

Arkansas EdTA Media Information             
Arkansas EDTA/ITS Logos for School Use

Professional Development Documents       
Fall Planning Meeting 2022 PD 09-10-22
Summer Planning Retreat Board Meeting 2021 PD 7-19-21

Thespian Festival 2022 PD 2-10-22

Thespian Festival 2022 PD 2-11-22
Thespian Festival 2022 PD 2-12-22
Summer 2020 PD 6-10-20
Summer 2020 PD 6-11-20

PD Proof-Fall Planning Meeting 8-24-19
PD Proof-State Thespian Festival 2-7-19
PD Proof-State Thespian Festival 2-8-19
PD Proof-State Thespian Festival 2-9-19
PD Proof-Fall Planning Meeting 8-25-18
PD Proof-Summer Planning Retreat 7-29-18
PD Proof-Summer Planning Retreat 7-30-18
PD Proof-Summer Planning Retreat 7-31-18
PD Proof- Arkansas State Thespian Festival 2/08/18
PD Proof- Arkansas State Thespian Festival 2/09/18
PD Proof- Arkansas State Thespian Festival 2/10/18

2010 - present
2010 - present
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